From the Mouths of our Customers

If you're about to buy your first pair of ATHEIST shoes, then (a) congratulations and (b) you must be curious to know how others have gotten on with theirs. 


Below is a feedback forum, where many of our customers have kindly taken the time to tell us what they think. They're all real people and we've not edited any of the comments (even when the spelling was off... oh the restraint!)

You'll also find lots of reviews of our shoes on our Kickstarter pages, our Facebook page, and various press and blogs. 
Needless to say, if you're reading this as someone who already owns a pair of ATHEIST, then we'd be really grateful if you'd take a few seconds to add your tuppenceworth. 


Thanks for your time! / The ATHEIST team

Happy Atheist shoe customers
Happy Atheist shoe customers showing off their ridiculously comfortable shoes.
Based on 129 reviews
Really Comfy and Great handcraftmanship
Thank you Edgar, for taking the time to right all that! It's really very sweet of you. I am glad the delay is finally over and that you're happy... ditto with the socks :) We're considering finally giving DAS ??!! a proper colour name, and leaning towards Raspberry. Not too exciting, but seems an apt fit. Though, if you disagree, we're all ears! Wouldn't want to ruin your enjoyment of the colour with an ill-fitting name. Thanks again! David
Walking on air
I can’t thank you enough for all of your help with this purchase.
Love the shoes, love the store!
Gliding on air
where have all the colours one?
Great shoes!
Thanks for the feedback, David! It's a fair kop. Those laces do look a shade too long. We have some shorter laces on their way, and I'll send them your way once we have them.. may be a month or so.
Love at first wear!
I love them. Best ever shoes.
Third time is charming
If you're wavering, just buy them
Awesome but smell
my goto shoes...
The best shoes on the planet
Fantastic quality and long lasting
Atheist couple
Amazing shoe survival!
Barely Black - Gone???
Hey Christine, I just realised we only replied to you by email, rather than here. But I'm glad we were able sort your husband out. I hope he's enjoying the shoes!
The most enjoyable shoes! Actually, the only shoes.
Hands down my favorite shoes ever
Best Shoes Ever
best value of money ever
impossibly great. (I mean this.)