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If you're about to buy your first pair of ATHEIST shoes, then (a) how exciting! and (b) you must be curious to know how others have fared with theirs. 


Below is a feedback forum, independently verified by, where many of our customers have kindly taken the time to tell us what they think. They're all real people and we've not edited any of the comments (even when the spelling was off... oh the restraint!)

You'll see that some customers are marked "Verified Buyers", which means has been able to verify that they purchased in our webshop. The others either bought shoes in person, at our shop in Berlin, or made their last order some years ago, before existed. 

You'll also find lots of reviews of our shoes on our Kickstarter pages, our Facebook page, and various press and blogs. Needless to say, if you're reading this as someone who already owns a pair of ATHEIST, then we'd be really grateful if you'd take a few seconds to share your experience. 


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Happy Atheist shoe customers
Happy Atheist shoe customers showing off their ridiculously comfortable shoes.
Based on 158 reviews
I keep coming back

I have purchased 4 pairs (3 boots and 1 sneaker) of these Atheist shoes over the past 7 years. They are stylish and so comfy! I have worn one of them almost daily since 2016. Needless to say, these shoes have taken a beating. They have maintained their form remarkably well. I've had the oldest two pairs resoled and polished, though I'll be replacing one of them soon...all good things must end. My cream sneakers were the only pair that didn't survive beyond a couple years, though their premature end was entirely my fault. (Lesson learned: 'Magic eraser' is a great sneaker cleaner; whitening stain remover is too strong and ends in a color-leaching disaster.)
Customer service has always been excellent with Atheist. I had an issue with an order once, but it was resolved promptly and fairly.
Atheist laces look quite nice in my opinion, and earlier issues with them breaking rather quickly seem to have been resolved in recent years through a combination of a stronger design/material and including extra laces with new shoes.
I can't speak highly enough of this company and their shoes!

Alexander Cheves
Newcomers to Berlin: You need to visit this place.

New Berliners: you will be walking a lot, so you need sturdy, well-made shoes. I stopped by the Atheist Shoes shop in Mitte. While I tried on different pairs for quite a long time, I greatly enjoyed talking with the people working there — the actual craftsmen and craftswomen who create these shoes and have fussed over every detail. Everyone I met in the shop was so kind and personable. They answered my many questions and made me feel secure about a pricier purchase than I normally spend on shoes. I’m glad I did — my leather boots (with two different laces, pink and cream) are breaking in beautifully around my weird wide feet and fitting better every day.

Atheist Shoes reminds me that shopping small means interacting with real people who care about their customers. Buying hand-made, artisanal quality products should be expensive — it’s worth it — and that’s what Atheist Shoes offers. But shoes aside, the people in the shop really sold me. I would have lingered longer just to talk if I hadn’t had places to go.

10 out 10 in both product quality and customer experience. Thanks for being so nice, particularly to this newcomer still working on my German. Danke!

Hey Alexander, it was our pleasure - very lovely to meet you and we're grateful for your kind words! What a generous thing, to take the time to write such a fulsome review - thank you, it means a lot. I hope Berlin is treating you well and we hope to see you again.

Spreading the gospel of Atheism in Bombay

Got my first pair in 2018, second in 2019 and I wear them at every chance I get. When I first got a pair I would clean them every couple of weeks, now I think they age well either way and tbh now It looks like they've lived which in itself is kinda beautiful.

Sweet of you to leave feedback, Ali, thank you! Here's hoping they continue to age well.

Great customer service from Katrin and David at Atheist

I live in Southern California, and recently bought a pair of black leather shoes online from Atheist. This is my second pair - I bought my first when Atheist set up a pop up shop in Venice Beach many years ago.

Unfortunately, the United States Postal Service made a mistake and returned my order. When I contacted Atheist via email, I received great customer support from Katrin and David, both of whom made me feel great about the company.

I know their shoes are great - I always receive compliments when wearing them. Now I know the company also has employees who put their customers first!

I received my replacement order and I’ll buy again from Atheist!

Thank you Chen!

I'm really glad you got your shoes in the end, after that USPS kerfuffle. We never get to review our customers, but if we did I'd share that you were an absolute joy to write with from beginning to end. Thank you for your patience along the way - we're very glad you're one of our customers and we hope you'll be happy with your Holly Go Blacklies for a long time to come.

Sidney Omelon
Holly GoBlackly - so curiously and comfortably dark

After admiring a pair worn by a colleague in Berlin, I brought my first pair (squashed frog) home to Canada 7 years ago. After years of happy hopping, comfortably and stylishly, I invested in pair of Holly GoBlackly. These solidly-made shoes span a wider range of occasions. Last year I dressed them up with ribbons for laces. These comfortable, stylish, and sturdy shoes still look fabulous, have lasted longer, and fit better than any other leather shoes that I have worn. Thank you for your commitment to quality, comfort, and style! (PS try them without socks!)

Dear Sidney, we're touched and grateful to read your words - thank you for taking the time to share! I can only heartily echo the call to wear our shoes without socks!! And I'm especially happy to hear they lasted so well relative to your other leather shoes; I think we'd choose softness of leather over ruggedness every time, so it's nice to learn that you're getting durability our of them as well as comfort. Ribbons for laces we have yet to try, but surely will. Thank you again.

Leonie Reynolds
wet shoes after 2 months and unavailable product

I received my first order two months after placing the order, the box was soaked through and one of the pairs of shoes was wet, stinking and ruined. I later ordered a different pair of shoes in a different order, the payment went through and then I got an email from Atheist saying that those shoes were not available after all despite being listed as available on the website. Unbelievable. I hope you don't expect more than one star for this.

Hi Leonie,

It’s true, you had a double whammy of things going wrong, for which we’re sorry, and we have tried our best to fix things quickly.

Here’s a fuller account of what happened:

The shipping issue was pure misfortune - dare we say it, 'an act of god'. Somewhere, on its long journey to New Zealand, your package got soaking wet (which obviously shouldn’t happen) and was nearly destroyed. Water damage like that is exceedingly rare - we’ve seen it maybe 7 or 8 times in our 10 years of being in business and sending 10,000+ shipments worldwide. It may have happened in New Zealand, as there was an unusually long delay of a couple of weeks once your package arrived in the country. We would have loved to figure out exactly what happened but we would have needed your help and we did write asking if you could take closer photos of the labels on the damaged package. That would have allowed us to investigate properly and to make an insurance claim, but we never got a reply to that request.

Damage aside, lengthy shipping delays for intercontinental shipping have unfortunately been more common since the pandemic. And New Zealand Post recently gave out a warning that international packages inbound would be moving slower due to capacity issues at their end, something we only became aware of after your package was sent.

Once we heard about your wet package, we offered to refund you straight away or send replacement shoes - you chose the latter and we sent them immediately. I'm glad to see you received them much more quickly than the first time, with them only spending one day in NZ before being delivered to you.

What was totally inside our control and a mess-up on our part was that you were able to order a pair of shoes that were no longer available, having been bought by another customer in our shop, a couple of days before you ordered. We should have been quicker to update the stock levels once they were sold, especially as this was a model where we only had 3 pairs left. We did let you know about the error within a few hours of you ordering and we offered you another pair with a discount by way of apology. I'm glad to see this morning that you've accepted that.

Things can go wrong. And it particularly sucks that two bad things happened to you in such a short space of time. But I hope, despite all this, that you'll be able to enjoy your shoes.


Nana, Katrin & David

Ben Jaworowski
Best boots ever

That's it. I've worn them one day, and they're the best boots I've ever owned. Worth every penny and then some.

Truly excellent quality, comfort, style- you name it, they've got it!

Ben, we're delighted to read this!

Thank you for taking the time. And we hope you'll continue to love the shoes!

Nana, David & Katrin

Wolfgang Roßmar
Mein Paar Schuhe das knirscht

ich war vergangenen Donnerstag in eurem Shop in Berlin. Wir sprachen über meine knirschenden Schuhe von euch. Ihr habt mir ein Paar neue Einlagen, das Problem ist wohl behoben. Vielen Dank
Danke, Wolfgang aus Köln

Thanks so much for your feedback, Wolfgang! Happy to hear it worked out.

Great pair of shoes and Nice staff!

Really happy about my new pair of shoes. I love them and i'll probably buy a new one. Great experience about the contact with the staff, always kind, helpful and resolute. They answered all my questions.
Thank you so much and keep doing this, you're doing well!

Oh my, that is all so lovely to hear, thank you Borja! We're touched and we're very happy to hear you've had a good experience. Thank you for taking the time to write!

Robert Bell

Enter your comfort system into a work shoe.

Thank you Robert, we appreciate the review!

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David McReynolds
Fantastic I love these shoes. Need to get the boot style next.

Very comfortable. The sizing is true. The toe-box is roomy. I think I will get the boot style in cognac next. And of course I need something in black. Clean lines. Low heel. Kitten Testicle Grey? What a great name for the color.

Stefano Gaburri
Finally, after so many years!

I've been following the Atheist Shoes for years, more or less since their first kickstarter (was that 10 years ago? Really?!?)

I'd always wanted to try them, but for one reason or the other I kept faltering... then, this summer the offer on the "kittens" (one of my favorite colors) finally pushed me over the fence, and am I glad I did! The team's courtesy, the great communication, their awesome service (and free shoelaces in all colors!) impressed me even before receiving the shoes.

Then... I did receive them! And, as everyone says, I've been stunned by the quality of the materials and the level of craftmanship. Just check the pics, even my cats look impressed... well, at least one of them. But let me tell you, he's not a guy who's easily impressed!

William Garner
The Versatile Holly Goblackly

Of course, with their extraordinary comfort, my Holly Goblacklies can go anywhere. But as my wife says, they are dress shoes and suitable for the most dressy events. Not only that, they answer that vexing question: How does a man spiff up a monochrome formal look now that men don't wear ties very much anymore? The answer is in the laces. Here, at the opening of NYC's Metropolitan Opera, after being closed for 18 months, and NY premiere of the important new opera "Fire Shut Up In My Bones," the Hollies make a striking fashion statement at an event with volumes of fashion dissertations.

Thank you for taking our shoes to all the best places, William! And for your beautiful, considered words. I love 'shoelaces-are-the-new-ties' - I couldn't agree more. And the Hollies somehow are our dressiest shoe - I don't understand why, but it's something about the mix of the leathers. You've inspired me to want to spiff up and take my shoes somewhere nice - I've pawned them off with a few too many date nights chez my sofa over the last couple of years. Time to get out there and add to the volume of fashion dissertations. Thank you again!

Billie Parker
Foot Joy

Danke Schoen for another pair of splendid sneakers!

I bought my first pair in Berlin in 2016 and wore them very little, keeping them pristine as though they were holy. I started wearing them recently and am convinced, all over again, they are the best shoes I’ve ever worn. The most comfortable and well made for sure. I’m fond of Marsel and Trippen and Uggs and Visvim and Crocs, all good footwear. But wearing your shoes is like prancing about town inside kid gloves - - on my feet!
Thank you again for a wonderful pair of shoes.

Dear Billie, you are most welcome! Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts... 'like prancing about town inside kid gloves - - on my feet!'... lovely .) I'm chuffed that you managed to fall in love with your shoes all over again. And I do hope by now that you're not just keeping them pristine and are giving them a bit more regular rough and tumble (I promise you they can take it :) Thank you again!

Sébastien Noverraz
The most comfortable & best quality shoes I've ever had

A huge thank you for all of you, and Katrin for your handwritten note!

I received my 45 Holly Goblacky on august 31st, and they are just perfect! So beautiful and comfortable.
I already had a pair of Cognac Boots size 45 I bought in 2015, so choosing the size was not a problem for me.
I still did your sizing guide, which is really good and simple, and it confirmed that my size were 45.
And thanks for the additional laces!

I wanted also to say that your shoes are the most comfortable I've ever had!
Here are some pictures of my 6 years old Cognac Boots (with a nice patina) which have been repaired twice by a cobbler. Yeah, I wear them and love them a lot!
Once by adding a piece of sole to the heel, and a second time recently by gluing a new sole to the heel and toe.
The cobbler said that the leather and the whole shoe was of very good quality ;)

Thanks again for your work! Beautiful shoes made by beautiful people!

Thank YOU, Sébastien! We're so glad you like them :)

Michael Pyne
The Best

I have now owned a pair of these shoes for about 4 years or so. First, they are very comfortable. These are probably the most comfortable shoe I own. Second, I did not think I'd be returning to buy another pair but I must. My wife got these for me as a gift and if I could afford a closet full I would fill the closet. Just the best. It's a of these shoes we're made by God for God. But that would just be silly. :)

Thank you, Michael! We're honoured you came back for more. And I think we can live with 'Made by God for God' :) it's beautiful in some kinda democratising-divinity, anyone-can-be-god kinda way. If we're god, you're god, and we're glad to have made shoes for you.

William Garner
Shoes that can change your life...

There was a time when I eschewed shoes -- they were necessary to protect my feet, but nothing else. But three years ago, after guardedly purchasing my first pair of Atheist Shoes at the shop in Berlin, my life and my feet have become much better and happier! These shoes give new meaning to the word comfort -- they gently and lovingly embrace and support the feet, and make walking an unsurpassed pleasure. The styling is perfect -- the essence of "shoe" --- so that they make a very definitive fashion statement while being almost inconspicuous. Over the years, I have gradually expanded my shoe wardrobe to nine pairs of Atheists: the black boots and shoes are perfect for client and business meetings. The Holly GoBlacklies and Gentlemen Steppers are the envy of everyone when out at a restaurant, the theater or a concert. The Kitten Testicles are my all-around go-to shoe, perfect for any setting or occasion, and the ??!! and (soon to arrive) petrols and BRGs can be mixed or matched with serious or frivolous outfits for fun times. The relatively recent introduction of colored, durable laces is a brilliant and characteristically minimalist way of encouraging each model of shoe to blossom to its full potential: The Kittens, for example, are dignified with brown laces, and saucy with red! And, of course, when people notice and ask about my shoes -- I regard this as a sign of high intelligence -- I simply invite them to take a look at the sole!

Oops, I'm a month late to thank you for these kind words, William. I could have sworn I wrote a reply already, but no sign of it. At the risk of lavishing too much gratitude on you, thank you once again for the feedback - we really appreciate it and it has been a pleasure to shoe you. Kitten testicles are also my all-time-favourite, everyday, go-to, any-situation, great-leveller of a shoe. Grey for the win, in any situation!

Love these shoes

I have received my shoes! They perfectly fit to my feet and feel so great. No doubt, I have tried them a shot a second time. That was excessively tight. Thank you so much for the entirety of your assistance with this buy. Much thanks to you for stunning client support.

You are too kind, Ehtisham - it was our pleasure and I'm happy it worked out so well!

Aaron Steele
Such wonderful shoes and such wonderful people

I will keep this brief, but I absolutely adore this company and these shoes. The simple elegance and fun but classy options make this company a delight to be a customer of, I am from Detroit, MI USA and came across the shop by accident on research trip for my job. And they were closed. I only saw the shoes at the window in Berlin. I snapped a photo and sought them out weeks later online from the US. I picked up a pair second hand, and have never looked back. My partner and I now have at least 15 pairs between us in all sorts of varieties. And we just picked up two new pair today!

The styling is classic, but fun, and the fit is comfortable. These aren't trainers or gym shoes, but they feel good on your feet, and depending on the leather sometimes so soft you can't believe (I am looking at you Whiskey the Wonder Boot).

I would remiss not to also talk about the wonderful customer service and personal service they provide. When I have reached out with a question they are quick to respond and provide a real honesty, sincerity, and care for their customers. even if they have never met them and/or they are oceans away.

Yes they are a little pricey, but it is a responsible price to the quality, manufacturing and company and employee's well being. It is difficult in these times to say things are "worth" it, but these hoes are definitely "worth" it. They are comfy, stylish, a great story, a great company with great employees, and get head turns at the same time.

Get a pair and don't look back

Just a note to belatedly say thank you for taking the time to write all that! It's very touching, and gratifying, and also wonderful of you, and I hope it's helpful to our customers, and I double hope we can live up to the high praise! :)

Stuart Brown
Beautiful and Clearly Made with Love

Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! I have to say that was thought process (though perhaps not the exact words!) when my latest pair of Atheist Shoes rocked up today.

These are my second pair. I just checked and I ordered the first ones over 3 years ago on 13th June 2018. Honestly, I thought they were expensive when I bought them. They are the brown sneakers on the right in the picture. But, in the end, my heart ruled my head, and I bought them anyway.

Life is like that I think. The heart is a bellweather of our true spirit. It knows best, even when our heads are giving out a totally different message. Sometimes things just 'feel' right. Sometimes you have to let your spirit carry you on the tides of your own feelings, even when the 'sensible' decision seems like it would be to defer and take another path.

Your heart usually knows best.

In this case, I can honestly say these have been amazing. I barely wear any other shoes, because they both look good, but are really comfortable and eminently practical, because its really nice leather that is cossetting and hugging your feet.

You can choose to polish them or not. I love the Saphir Renovateur products and enjoy polishing them occasionally with that and some other Saphir products. But, there have also been long periods when I haven't done anything with them at all, and they still look good.

They are VERY, VERY well made. The stitching is really tight and neat. They really ooze quality.

I like that Atheist Shoes have kept the rubber to be a nice thickness, so it doesn't wear out too quick.

They are still fine. I've changed the laces, and put a little glue on one small section of one of the soles where it was becoming a little loose. But, given that I wear these every single day, I would say these are holding up extremely well. I expect to get several more years out of them.

However, when I saw that Atheist Shoes were doing a luscious red pair I simply couldn't resist!!

LOVE the bright colours.(Would LOVE to see the same leather as these ones used in a Bubblegum Pink pair of sneakers! I think my sister would love them)

Would love to see more bright colours in this leather. It feels like it would be a lot more practical than the suede in the wet (and it feels like the bright colours are only available in suede versions)

I wrote to David to ask about the sizing on them (I got the last size 43 pair, which I was very happy about) and commented the following.

"I appreciate the work you guys do. Good shoes are the slippers of the soul. They remind us that no matter where we tread at least part of us is shielded with love, care and craftsmanship.

I consider that to most certainly be a gift to the world."

Because, honestly I do.

It is rare to genuinely be a raving fan of something. There is so much marketing bullshit doing the rounds. So many things that don't feel quite 'real'. That feel like we are being played. To have our buttons pressed to react in ways that are designed to elicit certain planned responses.

I don't feel that with my shoes from here, or on the occasions when I have contacted the folk at Atheist Shoes.

I find it refreshing to deal with a company and people that CARE about the quality of the product. These wouldn't look out of place in a Gucci shop. I have taken a close-up photo of the stitching on my new red sneakers, because it is really, really good. These feel like a quality item. Like someone who knew what they were doing, and who cared, crafted them.

We should all embrace the joy of our shared humanity and what it really is to know that sharing our talents with verve and passion is the true path to enlightenment.

These guys and gals are sharing their talent for making beautiful shoes.

These are clearly made with love.

Isn't that kinda amazing?

Hey Stuart, it’s taken me a while to reply to your post because it’s one of the loveliest bits of feedback we’ve ever received and how does one even begin reply to something like that? I love that you noticed our stitching, and I love that your feedback comes after years of wearing the shoes - you’re really deep in there, experience-wise. And most of all I love that you’ve felt the love that our team put into what we do - I feel it everyday and I am deeply grateful to work with such dedicated, high-empathy, high-fun humans. Thank you for seeing all that, and for sharing. It inspired me to write this post (, which you might or might not have seen. And, at the risk of this looking like some cynical “you scratch my back i’ll scratch yours” premeditated trade, which it definitely is not, your work makes me smile, as does how you write about your work and who knows, maybe some of our customers will also get a kick out of what you do; click here ( for the most gorgeous, vivid, surreal and FUN wall art - “Cow, Meerkats and a Hedgehog on a Spring Hilltop” is my personal favourite. And here ( for the words of the artist. Thanks Stuart!

quel dommage....

Wirklich schade......ich habe mich eigentlich vor allem auf die Inschrift auf der Sohle (ich bin Atheist....) gefreut und eigentlich auch deshalb ein Paar Schuhe bei Ihnen gekauft, nachdem ein Freund von mir (wie ich ein Atheist!) sie mir stolz vorgeführt hat. Der Frust war gross beim Auspacken: Die Sneakers sind zwar elegant und bequem aber nix mit Inschrift auf der Sohle! How come? Gibt es nur eine bestimmte Linie, die diese Inschrift trägt? Ich hätte sie nicht gekauft wenn ich das gewusst hätte )-:

Hey there; I'm not sure which order was yours (perhaps you can get in touch and let us know)? But some of our sneakers do indeed have different soles ('Voyager' rather than 'ICH BIN ATHEIST'), and it's all clearly signposted on the individual product pages. You're welcome to return them and I send you an ICH BIN ATHEIST pair, if you like? We're grateful for the 5* review, but it'd be awesome if we could fix you up with the exact shoes you wanted. We'd be grateful if you could email us, at Many thanks.

Kees van Sighem
shoes in fear of loosing it's sole

By far the most comfy shoes I ever had. And I sure they are put to gether with love and care, but with less than optimal glue

Hello Kees, thanks for letting us know! We've identified this problem in a handful of grey shoes in larger sizes from a particular batch.We thought we caught them all, but yours seem to be a pair that slipped through the net. Sorry about that. Basically, on whatever day those soles were bonded, whomever did it failed to apply a bonding preparation solution to the top of the sole and hence separation, which is only 100% possible to identify once wear begins. Thankfully it's an easy fix - you can send them back to us, or hand them over to a trusted local cobbler who uses 'Atomic glue' (and we'll pick up the bill, needless to say). Can you let us know which path you take? Our email: Sorry and thanks again.

Douglas Evans
Watch the laces

I now own six pairs of these shoes. Excessive? Not when talking about the best shoes I have ever owned.

One thing to bear in mind. The laces are maddeningly frustrating. Look cross-eyed and they will knot. There is something about their length and thinness that makes them uniquely likely to go wrong. Could be the devil at work - but we don’t believe in that, do we? Just look before you unlace. That is your path to enlightenment. .

Hey Doug, lovely to hear from you! Yes, those damned laces... another customer told us we should call them 'God's Revenge'. BUT we have recently changed suppliers, to a small German company, and so far the laces are proving more robust and easier to tie without getting into devil knots. I'd love to send you some of the new batch, for testing purposes!

Dominik Stadler
Most comfortable & stylish shoes

Just had to be said after wearing my new pair for a few months.... ;-)
You create the most comfortable and stylish shoes i have ever had the pleasure to wear.
Abslolutely delighted.
Thank you! To all of you!
Much Love from Switzerland! <3

YOU are too sweet... what a lovely lovely review, thank you Dominik! Kind of you to take the time and we're very happy you're happy :)

Ilijana I.
Fabulous, comfy, durable...

The shoes are way more cool, fantastic, fabulous, vibrant, striking and showy than I expected.
I’m proud owner of Naughty Schnitzel Shoes, Das Cognac Boots and now Fuchsia Shoes.
I adore each pair I've got.
All of them are very comfy and durable, looking great after years and years of wearing them.
Atheist Team, thank you so much for being so nice, responsive and for making great shoes.

Thank you Ilijana! Very sweet of you to take the time to share. We're delighted you're happy, 3 pairs in :)