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If you're about to buy your first pair of ATHEIST shoes, then (a) congratulations and (b) you must be curious to know how others have gotten on with theirs. 


Below is a feedback forum, where many of our customers have kindly taken the time to tell us what they think. They're all real people and we've not edited any of the comments (even when the spelling was off... oh the restraint!)

You'll also find lots of reviews of our shoes on our Kickstarter pages, our Facebook page, and various press and blogs. 
Needless to say, if you're reading this as someone who already owns a pair of ATHEIST, then we'd be really grateful if you'd take a few seconds to add your tuppenceworth. 


Thanks for your time! / The ATHEIST team

Based on 102 reviews
Shoe heaven

On the last day of my long weekend in Berlin with the mrs, we randomly walked into a small shoe boutique. Half an hour later, i walked out with 3 pairs of Atheist shoes!
They are absolutely fantastic and the most comfortable shoes i have worn to date.

We also met David and Nana who were extremely helpful and not the usual pushy sales type at all!

It just doesn't get better than this!

I fell so much in love with the design of your shoes that I went to Berlin just to buy them and I don't regret it a bit. I was helped by a very sweet American gentleman who helped me pick out a pair for my son and one for my daughter. They absolutely loved them. My husband now wants a pair and my son wants another one! We just can't get enough of them. Besides being heavenly to wear, they are beautiful and the older they get, the better looking they become! I suggest you plan your next pop-up trip to London - I'll be the first in line!

My, Lesley... what lovely feedback! Sincere (& belated) thanks for taking the time to share. The sweet young man you met is Jonathan, and he recalled you guys in the same vain .)
Life FAN

I remember the first time I saw your product on Facebook, was skeptical a little , but then I decided to buy one pair of Kitten grey shoes, and after 2 years I bought Das Cognac Boots - In love with them, already wearing and not tearing them for the 2nd season ! They still look brand new with a couple of scratches! It's an amazing achievement for me, because im spending less on shoes because of you guys :D
And you can forget about stinky feet , even after 8 hours of wearing them you can only smell leather! Awesome product, like title says - DON'T YOU DARE TO CLOSE THIS SHOP!!! IF Anything happens let me know , ill buy 10 pairs upfront! :D
Love and Respect!

Mindaugas - a tardy thank you for the feedback! We had honestly never thought of the smelly feet angle as a selling point... but you're totally right! It is very very difficult to get smelly feet issues in our ATHEIST shoes. I guess it's just the very natural and breathable leathers, compared to all the synthetic junk that creeps its way into most modern footwear. Thanks again!
Endlich! die richtigen Schuhe.

Bin ich froh, dass ich mit meinem amerikanischem Angetrauten an eurem Laden vorbeikam. Wir haben fast eine Stunde gebraucht, bis wir uns jeweils für ein Paar dieser wunderbaren Schuhe entschieden haben.. nicht nur, weil es so viele gute Farben gab. Hauptsächlich, weil ihr so angenehm im Umgang seid und guten Humor habt, dass wir getrödelt haben.

Nachdem ich meine blauen Nubuck-Schuhe jetzt seit 6 Monaten trage, mein Urteil: Bitte versucht mal, Sandalen und Winterschuhe zu machen :), dann kaufe ich nie mehr Schuhe woanders

Aw thank you Christina! I don't want to talk tooooo much about secret projects, but watch this space on the sandals front :)
Lush in every sense of the word!

There comes a point in life when you realise that walking around in bland, stiff, uncomfortable shoes is just not worth it. At that point you need an Atheist in your life, and ironically your feet will be in heaven.

A very belated thank you for this beautiful post, Stephen. We're very glad you've been so happy.
Off of my cold, dead feet

That’s the only way anyone will be getting my Atheist boots from me.

I saw them in the window and five minutes later they were on my feet.

I’d sleep in them if my wife didn’t complain.

You know, Douglas, at least 2 people have been buried in their Atheist Shoes. So even the great leveller need not separate you from the delicious comfort of our shoes!
My 4th and 5th pair

Just received my fourth and fifth pair of shoes. This time I got two pairs of sneakers and Am again absolutely impressed with their style and comfort. The petrol blue and red nubuck pairs I just received have caused compliments from everyone who has seen them. I have never thought of myself as a shoe enthusiast but with atheist shoes that is totally changed. I have never been able to find shoes that fit me comfortably given the shape of my feet.I now look at my closet and simply want to discard every pair of shoes I own and only have Atheist. Truly the most comfortable and stylish shoes I have ever owned her wished own in the future. I cannot recommend them more highly and the wonderful group of people associated with the design and manufacture of the shoes. It’s an honor to be able to find such great shoes that are so incredibly comfortable. Thank you David and Team

Our pleasure :) And thank YOU! We'd be nothing without the openminded and brave customers we have, willing to take a chance on a little known shoe brand that isn't the most affordable. We truly appreciate your custom, and these kind words. Thanks agaiN!
One of the most rewarding interactions I’ve had with a company in my life

My experience with Atheist has been one of the most rewarding interactions I’ve had with a company in my life. I can verify that they are the definition of quality at every aspects of their process; the shoes, the shipment, the customer service. I am, quite frankly, in awe and hope to emulate their business practices in the future. The shoes are spectacular; the people behind the shoes are even better. Thank you all for being wonderful.

Thank you Donovan, for the very lovely words! I’m very touched that you’ve taken the time to write this. It was a genuine pleasure meeting and dealing with you and I hope our paths cross again.
Never had so much fun buying shoes

I enjoyed meeting you and Nana yesterday at your Berlin shop, Dave. I’ve never had so much fun buying shoes before. The shoes themselves are beautiful and feel like a dream — such fine leather and craftsmanship. I’ve got the mustard boots on now. They match the skirt I’m wearing to lunch today. It will be difficult to decide which — those or the petrol — to keep with me for the next three months in Europe and which to send back to New Mexico.

The Syrian restaurant I thought was so good was Yarok Fine Syrian Cuisine from Damascus at Torstrasse 195. It’s right where Tucholskystrasse dead-ends into Torstrasse, so it’s not far from your shop. Despite the name, the atmosphere is totally casual. My husband and I ordered the Yarok Platter with Meat, loved it, and wound up taking about a quarter of it home.

Sandy Sheehy
Albuquerque, New Mexico (and Berlin)

Hey Sandy, thank you for taking the time to wrote this feedback! It was really nice to meet you too and we hope to try out that restaurant imminently :) All best

Just received my sneakers, it takes time to get to Australia; they are really nice. I have never before worn a pair of mustard coloured shoes; its fabulous.



Lovely to hear. Thanks Gary!
So beautiful, smooth and nice to wear

Thank god ;-) I received my sneakers yesterday and, hey, I’m smashed! Green, black and cognac – so beautiful, smooth and nice to wear. Thank you a thousand times for three perfect pairs of shoes. Now I am waiting for beeing able to walk in the snow, making a statement on my atheism …

Not just cool and sexy but comfortable

DAs Sneakers arrived today and I just love them! Not just cool and sexy but comfortable and I just want to touch them, they are incredibly tactile, thank you Nana for the to see about Das Boot!!

Thank you for making my favourite shoes I've ever owned!

Hello! I just received my new atheist sneakers today and I am beyond impressed. I have to admit I was a little concerned at first because I fit into a U.S. size 11.5 (or 12) with a wider foot. After sending in my measurements your team recommended I purchase a size 46. They are absolutely perfect! I have never felt such a comfortable shoe. These are designed with quality and passion and it shows. It feels like the perfect pair of shoes. I am an extremely satisfied customer and I would like to inquire about purchasing additional colors. The Atheist message on the bottom is very special to me. You have a wonderful product here! Amazing service. Quality built to perfection. I am really taken back. Thank you for making my favorite shoes I’ve ever owned. – Travis :)

Where are the hellfire reds?

I do love my “hellfire reds!” I notice they are no longer on the site. Were they not selling? If I wanted to get this color again, would it be possible? In boots?

Hey there, for sure! We can make you some hellfire red boots. They were selling, but we had a little too much colour choice on the website, so something had to give. Could you pop us an email at Then we can get the ball rolling :)
I've tried your shoes for a couple of months and let me tell they are great!

One of the best pair of shoes I have ever worn. I work in a company producing leather tanning products so I appreciated your nabuk quality. Next step: trying to convert my über-catholic mum to your brand… Have a nice day!

Hey Carla – I posted a comment in reply to you a few weeks back, but it never seemed to make it to the page… sorry! Anyhow, I just wanted to say that I’m glad out nubuck won your expert approval .) It’s very rarely used in shoes, but I can’t say I know why… well, it’s probably cost for most shoe brands. Anyhow, especially nice to have your feedback after you’ve worn the shoes for a while… I hope they’ll work out for a long time to come. Thanks!
Laces too long but incredibly comfortable

I have a pair of Holly Go Blackley shoes that I really like! My wife likes hers too -0 but both of us have to double tie the laces to keep the laces from dragging on the ground. They are brown and about 140 cm long. Can we get shorter laces that will still work but won’t drag on the ground? The shoes are incredibly comfortable!

Thanks Harry, glad you like the shoes! And well-noted about the laces… you’re not alone in finding our recent batch too long. We’re on the case and hope to have slightly shorter laces again soon.
Handsome and extremely comfortable.

Can’t remember if I’ve already reviewed but–

Wonderful shoes. Handsome and extremely comfortable. My favorite godless accessory. However, the red paint on the inside of the lettering began to wear essentially immediately, even with only light use.

Hey Gavin, I think I know the issue you’re talking about – we had a batch of soles made late last year where the red paint on the lettering didn’t hold as well as it should around the edges. It may have been a case of the wrong preparative adhesive being used. I think it was a blip and we’re on top of it now, but that doesn’t help you… I’m sorry your lettering wasn’t more robust. Glad they’re still your favourite accessory though and thanks for taking the time to feed back!
Sole bunches up

Hi, my name is Rob and I’m an American who bought a pair of grey shoes about a month ago while in Berlin. I have been loving and enjoying the shoes, probably the best pair I’ve ever owned. But a few days ago the soul of one of the shoes came out of place and now when i try to wear the shoes the soul just bunches up near the toe. How should I fix this? It’s made the shoes unwearable which is rather regrettable because I like them a lot, thanks -Rob

Hey Rob, I think you mean the footbed, or the insole, right? Rather than the rubber sole of the shoe? It’s unusual, the scrunched up foorbed, but it’s easily remedied. First thing to say is that it’s not essential the footbeds are stuck in place and perhaps the best thing you can do is remove it entirely and then reposition it in the shoe. There should just be 2 globs of glue holding the footbed in place, at front and back… and it could be we already removed the insole once, when you were trying on the shoes, which would explain why it isn’t attached now. So I’d first of all try repositioning it. Alternatively, you can remove the footbed entirely and wear the shoes without it… it’s only a couple of mm thick and the shoes are almost as comfortable without it. If the footbed has become so scrunched at the toe that it’s got a permanent fold in it, and you can’t get it flat again, then we’ll happily send you a new one – can you mail us with your postal address? Or, if you don’t want to wait, you can use any footbed in there… e.g. a Dr. Scholl, or something borrowed from a sneaker. I hope that helps! Please mail us with a picture of the footbed if you’d like us to comment further. All best.
One of the most comfortable shoes I ever own

One of the most comfortable shoes I have ever own.The leather is beautiful, really supple inners and fits perfectly. They have a precise sizing chart, would strongly encourage to follow the instructions to the letter for a perfect fit. Now that I have tried the boots, can’t wait for the sneakers project to materialised , I have backed them too on kickstarter. Their customer support is top notch..thanks Nana for responding to my mails.


Thank you Razeef! It’s been a pleasure. Thank you for your kind words & for backing our Kickstarter!

My Das Sneakers arrived lightning fast: they showed up at my front door in New York City only 19 hours after they were shipped! I didn’t get home from work for another 8 hours, so I had to content myself with a text from my wife: “your shoes arrived.”

I finally opened the box that evening and my first impression — even more beautiful than I had imagined! (and they came with Haribo gummies, mmmmm!) The fit felt fine, size perfect, color perfect and the buttery leather is amazing. I really like the design, it looks like a sneaker but at the same time it has the classic Bauhaus look of the Atheist shoes — I imagine wearing them with a summer suit.

Unfortunately, there was torrential downpour the next day, so Das Sneakers stayed in the box.

This morning, it was sunny out so I decided to wear them on a walk to the local farmer’s market.
My first test drive of the sports model: stiff suspension, but great support; excellent cornering and acceleration without sacrificing any of the comfort of the “sedan” model.

Strangers on the street seem to be nodding at me… then I realize they are all looking down at my Petrol Napa clad feet.

Thank you!

Ahhhhh, the petrol napa. THAT was the hardest Das Sneaker to part with so far. Tears were shed and hopes were whispered as we packed them up and sent them on their little way. And, by the reading of things, they just might be living up to our hopes! Thank you for taking the time to give such glowing feedback – I hope they’re still going well – and please plllleeeeeease get them wet! They’ll get spoiled and brattish if you keep them just for sunny days.
The most comfortable "business" shoe I ever had

Dear Atheist team,

Thanks a lot for the new sneakers. This sneaker is the next level up from your awesome shoe. The quality, as far as I can judge it after 8 days, is excellent. I already have two pairs of shoes from you, which have, despite me wearing them frequently, not shown much signs of aging.

While the top of the sneaker is similar to the old shoe, the new thing with the sneaker is the added comfort of the sole. The sole was always loved by my soul and made it feel well. But now the sneaker’s sole is also doing just that with my feet. As a side effect of the thicker sole, the sneaker makes you 1.5 cm taller.

The shoe appears sturdy and seems to contain metal. I know, because I failed a metal detector test at the airport and had the joy to interact with the security. It started a discussion about the shoe and I got compliments for the looks of the shoe and some insecure smiles once they discovered the message. Thanks for giving me frequent opportunities to talk about atheism!

Over the last 3 days, I put my sneakers to the test. I gave been waking and standing around at a conference for 10+ hours. With grey pants and a white shirt, the shoe certainly fits “business casual”. Today I walked 14km around Stanley Park, Vancouver (in the back of the picture) and I enjoyed it. Hands down the most comfortable “business” shoe I ever had.

Thanks a lot and please keep doing what you love!

Dr. Patrick Britz

Thank you again for all the lovely and honest feedback, Patrick! And it was a pleasure to meet you in our store. I hope DAS SNEAKER is still going strong. You must be approaching the 1000km mark, by now, if your first weekend is indicative of what was to come? .)
The most comfortable shoes ever, but disappointing about the paint on the sole

The most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. The red paint on the lettering began to wear off within the first use, normal activities. Rather disappointing but overall very happy.

Hey Gavin, thanks for taking the time to feed back! And sorry to hear about the red paint. Needless to say, that shouldn’t happen… but it can do, once in a while, if the primer hasn’t been fully applied before the soles get painted. Unfortunately it’s hard to spot the ones that haven’t been properly primed, before they get worn :/ I’m glad it hasn’t spoiled the overall experience, though. Thanks again! David
Love them - only complaint the shoe laces and that i don't have money for another pair :(

Got the black lowtops two or three years ago and I do love them, however, I stopped wearing them because I scuffed a hole through the leather by catching the toe box on some concrete :(. My only complaints is that the shoelaces are very easy to break, and that I don’t have the cash lying around for a replacement pair

Hey Casey, grateful for the feedback – thanks! You’re right about the laces. We had one batch of laces produced where every second or third one was a little too weak… still not sure what happened, but we’re reinforcing the laces for the future. Happy to send you a spare pair if you like? Mail us with your shipping address and I’ll look after it. And very sorry to hear about the concrete incident – it shouldn’t happen that a hole would go right through the toe box, I’d love to see pics if you can send them? Sounds odd. Thanks again.
Das Cognac Boot the best accomplishment so far

The Das Cognac Boot is by far, your company’s greatest accomplishment thus far. I own no less than 7 pair of your shoes, I have made the pilgrimage to the Berlin shop, and even showed up at the pop-up kiosk in San Francisco some years ago. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

Thank you for the feedback, Mike! And thank you for sticking with us. Yep, the Cognac Boot will be hard to surpass. Hopefully the sneaker will be well-received though… we’re still tinkering with the final design, but we can’t wait to see it out there!

Just received my black “das boots” today. They are my second pair of shoes from Atheist Berlin and I eagerly await my third pair. (pre-ordered sneakers).
I expected the quality to be as high as the first pair of pink shoes I bought 2-3 years ago and I was not disappointed.


Would love a pair of “Ich Bin Athiest soled” flip-flops/sandals/thongs for the summer months

Solely Yours,
Ben-Jamin Newham

Thanks Ben-Jamin, for taking the time to write this. I’m chuffed you came back for more after your first pair and I look forward to sending you your sneakers once they’re done. As I pm’d you, the sandal is like a holy grail we’ve been tossing round our heads for 4 years now, but without much progress. The tricky thing is how to make it high quality enough but not charge like a ton of money… it just feels like a sandal shouldn’t cost more than $100, yet it might have to. But sneaker first… then we’ll see :)