From the Mouths of our Customers

If you're about to buy your first pair of ATHEIST shoes, then (a) congratulations and (b) you must be curious to know how others have gotten on with theirs. 


Below is a feedback forum, where many of our customers have kindly taken the time to tell us what they think. They're all real people and we've not edited any of the comments (even when the spelling was off... oh the restraint!)

You'll also find lots of reviews of our shoes on our Kickstarter pages, our Facebook page, and various press and blogs. 
Needless to say, if you're reading this as someone who already owns a pair of ATHEIST, then we'd be really grateful if you'd take a few seconds to add your tuppenceworth. 


Thanks for your time! / The ATHEIST team

Happy Atheist shoe customers
Happy Atheist shoe customers showing off their ridiculously comfortable shoes.
Based on 124 reviews
where have all the colours one?

virtually every step I comfortably took outside my humble home in recent years was in a pair of atheists
and for all I can say they were great company, day in day out, going north and going south.
too bad that virtually walking to your online shop more and more becomes a source of sorrow.
remember the colourful days in the past, the bold ideas you had? pet-shoe-boys you were - how daring!
I am sure not everybody liked it but who cares about everybody?
All a thing of the past, nothing exciting anymore - you've grown old, as it seems,
there's nothing wrong with grey hair, I am having some myself, but:
no need to make both ends of your body look alike, right?...

Great shoes!

I bought my pair of Das Cognac Boot two weeks ago. I can truly say these shoes are the most comfortable ones I've ever had! The colour is amazing, the leather as well. I keep receiving compliments about them. For those of you who're in doubt whether to buy them, I'd say just go ahead, you wouldn't regret. :)


loving my new shoes - but is it possible that a shorter lace , more suitable for the shoes could be made available?
When the shoes are tied - they look messy with the longer lace all tied up in knots .

Thanks for the feedback, David! It's a fair kop. Those laces do look a shade too long. We have some shorter laces on their way, and I'll send them your way once we have them.. may be a month or so.
Love at first wear!

I absolutely love my new atheist shoes. I got the Nabokov Cream shoes and they are beautifully crafted. Also, Katrin and David provided such thoughtful help when I was trying to figure out the best size. I’ve already received many compliments on my new shoes.

I love them. Best ever shoes.

I recently received my second pair of Atheist Shoes (Holly GoBlacky). The first ones I bought from the Kickstarter campaign. These are the regular shoes and my only issue is that I’m supposed to give them a breather. I love the sneakers, but these can be worn at work even when sneakers aren’t allowed.

I’ve convinced myself that I must have another pair. BUT, there’s almost nothing in my size (37) right now. Cognac would be nice. And colours from Kickstarter, like BritisH Racing Green, would be wonderful.

More, please! I shouldn’t complain. I have a closet full of shoes that aren’t being worn. My feet are very happy.

Third time is charming

The magic of Atheist shoes! Three time customer here and I'm happy to leave another review. This time I got the Das Matt black boots. I wanted these primarily for work and winter wear. Like others have said, the rubberized leather is a bit stiff in the beginning but no worse than any other new leather boot. I got them a wee bit big so I could wear thick socks anyway and I have been wearing them every day for two months and they feel great! The stiffness is long gone and the lovely flat black surface so far seems impervious to snow, salt, sand...whatever I throw at them. If I get a little scuff or smear of dirt on them it simply wipes right off and they look brand new again. Magic! Not only that, but I was seriously thinking about foot surgery a few months ago because I had so much pain from my cheap work shoes, and now they feel so much better I gave up that thought. Not saying they will fix everyone's foot problems but they sure seemed to have helped mine. So if you're on the fence, or think that these shoes are too expensive....perhaps think again and give them a try. I'm the kind of person that never even thought about spending that much money on a pair of boots...but they're totally worth every penny. They are more comfortable, durable and stylish than anything else I've ever worn. What more can you ask? And here they are, making heathenish prints on a snowy day. Thanks again Atheist shoe folks for a great pair of boots!

If you're wavering, just buy them

I don't leave online product reviews, but can't help but preach when it comes to Atheist shoes. My first pair was from a random visit to the Berlin shop in Summer 2018, and after a rugged 18 months in NYC, they somehow look and feel just as good, and with minimal cleaning needed. So good that I often get asked about them on the subway - probably the least friendly/social place on earth.

I've just now ordered my third pair and I'm sure it won't be the last.

Awesome but smell

I love my grey shoes!.. they were a birthday present and have been worn quite a bit over the last couple of years. Only issue is they seem to have a very pungent leather type smell - I can smell them on my feet when I'm sitting at my desk etc and it's pretty off putting. It seems like it's got worse as I have worn them (yes, it sounds like I just have stinky feet, but I promise they are the only shoes that have this odour!) and it's starting to make me choose other shoes to wear. Is this normal with the type of leather used in their construction? Is there a recommended way to remove odours?

Giving 5 stars anyway because they look great, they're super comfy and I love them!

my goto shoes...

I got the grey shoes about 6 month ago. They are so comfy right from the beginning. During summer I walked miles without socks (something I usually cannot stand in other shoes). Usually, I avoid wearing the same pair of shoes 2 days in a row, but for these I need to force me not to. Now there is one thing I need to tell you: find another supply for laces. Even so you gave me 2 pairs, the 2ed pair already started to disintegrate. And this is despite that a waxed the 2ed pair, which extended its lifespan.

The best shoes on the planet

I'm so excited, today I ordered my second pair of atheist shoes! I love my Squashed Frogs, they've danced in the gravel and tromped through the dirt...gotten totally soaking wet and they still look and feel great! Last year my husband received Kitten Testicle gray boots and he said that he had never been able to put on brand new shoes and have them feel so comfortable. This is a real accomplishment because he's the pickiest man on earth! He wears them everywhere. So naturally I was jealous and decided this year it was my turn to get new boots for my birthday! Thanks for such wonderful quality and great customer service, I can't wait to slop through the snow in my Das Matt boots!

Fantastic quality and long lasting

I purchased a pair back in 2013 and they're still my go-to shoe 6 years later. Dare I say these shoes are eternal? I've been itching for a new color so I recently picked up kitten testicle gray. The quality is fantastic. They feel ridiculously comfy and the gray leather has a unique suede-like aesthetic. I'm in love with these shoes. It's so hard to find a brand that's long-lasting, well crafted, and unique looking. I highly recommend these. Keep up the great work Atheist Shoes!

Atheist couple

I just wanted to accompany my husband who already has got two pairs of Atheist shoes and wanted to buy a third pair. But then I saw this yellow shoe: soft nubuck leather, great colour (*gute Laune*) and I just had to look and look at it again. So now, as you can see on the picture, there is a couple of two pairs in our flat. Thanks for your good service. We will come back!


I ordered a pair of grey sneakers right before a trip and walked long wet streets with a perfect fit in perfect comfort, no break-in period needed. These are the only shoes other than athletic shoes for which I have ever felt affection!

Amazing shoe survival!

My 2 year old grandson fell off a wharf in the ocean and I jumped in, in my Kitten testicle grey shoes and rescued him. I rinsed the shoes in fresh water and dried them in the shade for one day and they’re as good as new! I wear them every day!
Also my daughter would like a pair of Das Cognac shoes but cant see them on the site?

Barely Black - Gone???

I went to order another pair of the men's shoes called "Barely Black" for my husband's birthday. The entire shoe was made from the soft nubeck material. He adores them! I can't find them. Have they been replaced by the Holly GoLightly's? Thanks.


Hey Christine, I just realised we only replied to you by email, rather than here. But I'm glad we were able sort your husband out. I hope he's enjoying the shoes!
The most enjoyable shoes! Actually, the only shoes.

In 4 years, I bought 4 pairs: Grey Kitten, Camel Toe, Das Matt and British Racing. I wear them 365 days every year. I do not foresee when I will get over how nice their minimalist design is. The stiches, the black hole, the leathers finess. Even the inner quality.

Before getting the Das Matt, I was a little worried the rubberised leather ends up cracking with use. Actually it hasnt age yet. And it is extra stain resistant. I am looking forward to see more colors with this finish.

Hands down my favorite shoes ever

I'm generally sceptical when people dole out 5-star user reviews, but in this case I find myself forced to join in. The styling may or may not be to your taste, but the leather quality is unreal and the comfort of Atheist shoes is unparalleled. Even when wearing them for the first time, it takes all but ten minutes before you feel like you've had them on for ages. The only slight gripe I had with the original Atheist shoe is that the sole was hard and firm; not a problem with a formal shoe, but not ideal for everyday casual wear. But then Das Sneaker came along... All the good things of the original, but with even better looks and more softness and bounce in the sole. They're sporty and casual, yet so classy. I can't help but wince every time I pass a Footlocker store. All other sneakers look tacky and cheap and feel plasticy in comparison. I'm up to five pairs of Atheist sneakers now, and have not yet had to dispose of any due to wear. It allows me to mix and match different colours with whatever I'm wearing that day.
Save for hiking or severe winter weather, these are pretty much the only shoes I wear. Highly recommended.

Best Shoes Ever

I just received my shoes. I’ve been wearing them all day. I feel like a child at Christmas who just got the best present ever! The most comfortable shoes ever and the quality is unbelievable.
This is my third pair of your shoes. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever had (I’m 58 and my wife calls me Imelda Marcos because of the shoes I have bought in the past).
Everyone comments appreciatively when they see the shoes - admittedly I have a pair of your blue nubuck shoes and no men wear shoes that colour here. I know they are jealous and many comment on how comfortable and stylish they look; and I love showing them the soles: their reaction is an added pleasure.
This pair is beyond comfortable. Gloves for my feet.
Thank you for such a wonderful gift.

best value of money ever

Can the Atheist team please help me out on this, when did I buy this unbreakable pair of shoes?
I remember when I first heard of Atheist shoes I just loved them for their soles and immediately regretted that they were probaly just very care intensive with the Nubuck and be ruined very quickly. I usually do not like to spend mmore than 100 EUR on a pair of shoes and really thought about it for some time, but then decided to go for it after all. When I put them first on I was so happy about them being super comfortable, I wear them basically every day during the summer, unless it rains. They are my usual pair on holidays, because they are so comfortable, I can walk on them through Paris, Barcelona, Lisboa, Berlin, Hamburg and New York all day. And then dance the night away if it so should happen.
Now several years in I had not once to bring them to the shoemakers what I usually have to do with my shoes once a year, as I tread them off very unevenly. You can see the Darwin being worn off just as much as the heel.
I just brushed them yesterday and put the care on as I had not done it this spring (usually do this once a year when the snowy season in Vienna is over).
So just to let you know: I probably will never ever buy another pair of these miracle shoes ever! I would love to, but there is just absolutely no reason to do so!

impossibly great. (I mean this.)

While visiting Berlin, I spent many warm and delirious days walking around with tired feet. My feet are fussy, and despite my best efforts, they'd become unhappy with my footwear choices as I walked nearly 100 miles over the course of a week. One afternoon, I stumbled across the Atheist Shoes storefront. Of course, I went in. I tried on a single pair of Holly Go-blackly shoes and was immediately hooked. I had them shipped back to my home country and have been wearing them frequently since their arrival. These are shoes that make no supernatural claims: they rest on the laurels of mere mortal humans. And yet, they are perfect. The true test was wearing them to an outdoor music festival on a hot day: hours and hours standing on pavement and concrete, and my feet stayed both cool AND comfortable all day. Zero complaints.

I really want a pair!

A neighbor has the black boot and it look fantastic. I would love a pair but not being an atheist I want to avoid the type of looks my wife gave me from people I know. Do you have a black boot for someone like me?

Hey there - I'm glad you think the boots look fantastic, but how can you leave a review for us if you've never even tried them on??!? I'll admit 4 stars isn't bad, but we've grown accustomed to 5 star reviews and I'm pretty sure yours would be one star more if you actually tried the boots on :) We do have some sneakers that don't have ICH BIN ATHEIST written on the sole, but I reckon you should take it all in jest and proudly wear some Atheist Boots without giving two hoots who knows what it says on the bottom of your soles. They'll just look like achingly cool minimalistic boots to anyone not in the know... and the only look you'll get from anyone in the know is one of envy or admiration :)
Holy Grail

A friend went to Berlin and came back wearing Atheists. I tried hers on and it was love at first touch. I have found the most comfortable shoes. I walk all over New York in my black boots, and never want to wear anything else. I intend to wear Atheist shoes for the rest of my life. Next I would like some of the grey leather boots, but I don't see them on the website any more. Have you stopped making them?

Hello Charlotte - thank you for the lovely feedback! About the grey boots - I think you mean the Stasi Concrete grey, right? A smooth napa finish? Well, we won't be making them as standard but I could make you a bespoke pair especially, if you like? Just pop us an email if so...
Shoe heaven

On the last day of my long weekend in Berlin with the mrs, we randomly walked into a small shoe boutique. Half an hour later, i walked out with 3 pairs of Atheist shoes!
They are absolutely fantastic and the most comfortable shoes i have worn to date.

We also met David and Nana who were extremely helpful and not the usual pushy sales type at all!

Hey Udit - a belated thank you for your lovely review! I remember you guys and it was lovely to meet you. I hope the shoes are still going strong. Thanks again! David
It just doesn't get better than this!

I fell so much in love with the design of your shoes that I went to Berlin just to buy them and I don't regret it a bit. I was helped by a very sweet American gentleman who helped me pick out a pair for my son and one for my daughter. They absolutely loved them. My husband now wants a pair and my son wants another one! We just can't get enough of them. Besides being heavenly to wear, they are beautiful and the older they get, the better looking they become! I suggest you plan your next pop-up trip to London - I'll be the first in line!

My, Lesley... what lovely feedback! Sincere (& belated) thanks for taking the time to share. The sweet young man you met is Jonathan, and he recalled you guys in the same vain .)
Life FAN

I remember the first time I saw your product on Facebook, was skeptical a little , but then I decided to buy one pair of Kitten grey shoes, and after 2 years I bought Das Cognac Boots - In love with them, already wearing and not tearing them for the 2nd season ! They still look brand new with a couple of scratches! It's an amazing achievement for me, because im spending less on shoes because of you guys :D
And you can forget about stinky feet , even after 8 hours of wearing them you can only smell leather! Awesome product, like title says - DON'T YOU DARE TO CLOSE THIS SHOP!!! IF Anything happens let me know , ill buy 10 pairs upfront! :D
Love and Respect!

Mindaugas - a tardy thank you for the feedback! We had honestly never thought of the smelly feet angle as a selling point... but you're totally right! It is very very difficult to get smelly feet issues in our ATHEIST shoes. I guess it's just the very natural and breathable leathers, compared to all the synthetic junk that creeps its way into most modern footwear. Thanks again!